Frankie Davies at KOKO London

One of my favourite artists to work with, Frankie Davies, Performed with Maddie and Tae at Koko London! It was epic!

Her core following flew in and travelled down and were there  hours before the doors even opened. The sound check was surreal in such a fantastic setting (one of my favourite venues) and her voice carried to every seat and every heart in the house.

Frankie has a beautifully charming, delicate honesty about her performances which is utterly enchanting. Chatting in-between her songs as if we were in her front room, she welcomes you into her home and heart, which is as warm and honest as her lyrics.


Vienna Bakery

Vienna Bakery was founded in 1960 by Bob Dodge when he acquired a traditional bakery in Georgetown originally designed by well –known French baker, Henri Ori. Today, Bob's son David, has carried on and cherished the valued traditions employed by Mr Dodge senior, Monsieur Ori and generations of some of Europe's finest bakers.

Mr Dodge, a master confectioner and baker also had a keen interest in the art of Viennoiserie, the baking process developed in Vienna in the 19th century. Combined with his experience, skills and knowledge he focused on Viennoiserie, bringing the tasty range of Viennese and British morning goods, in particular the croissant, rolls and Danish pastries to St. Helier adopting the source of inspiration as the name for his very own bakery!

Dave Dodge has carried on this family business which is one of the most cherished bakeries in Jersey. Over the last year, Vienna has moved (not far) and have opened up a brand-new shop, across the street in St. Helier’s Central Market. To make sure they had a range of tasty photos that reflect their fantastic produce, we popped over to Jersey to shoot their current range. 


The Grumpy Greengorcer

Owner of Just William, one of Jersey’s central market stalls, Bill Davies is passionate about honest, clean, healthy eating and provides a huge

variety local and imported produce, working with farmers to provide the very best for his customers.

Born and raised in Jersey, Billy was surrounded by farmers and local businesses and threw himself into greengrocer life with a Saturday job age 14.  After 30+ years of trading in Jersey Central Markets, and a growing social media presence, Billy is more commonly known as the Grumpy Greengrocer. A nickname that reflects his open humour more than his actual character as he is known and loved for always going out of his way for his customers.

Loving every stage of the process from the farm and farmer to the customer and their favourite dishes, Billy is always searching for new and exciting produce to supply the increasingly diverse customer base.

 “We like to sell only the best, sell it fresh and at the best price. We like to look after both the farmer and the consumer,” he says.

Having known and loved Billy and visited Just William daily as a child for a granny smith and a bag of grapes, I believe he and his passion for his trade is the source of my own love for fresh honest veg and my well-known love for Borough Market.

Modigliani at Tate Modern

Popping into Modigaliani’s exhibition proved interesting. Looking at how life and society is perceived and represented though art fascinates me. It is a direct representation of how people, their friendships and their lives are inspired by the society in which they live, and are affected by world events. Watching how his work and style changed as he moved to Paris, and then how it changed again when he moved to the south of France to avoid the wrath of WW1. Socialising with Picasso and inspired by the vibrancy and liberal attitude of Paris and how it opened his artistic eye and changed his work and approach to paint on canvas.

Although I don’t particularly resonate with his style of portrait, as a portrait photographer I am inspired to create a collection that I would otherwise not consider. 

Frankie Davies BTS

Frankie Davies is a country music singer songwriter who has won the hearts of music lovers from Nashville to London.

Last weekend saw the penultimate gig from her 2016 UK tour with Charlie Worsham in The Courtyard Theater Hoxton. We thought we would take the opportunity to shoot some additional footage for her new promo!

As a lover of nature, Frankie writes most of her work but the sea or in one of many of her woodland retreats where she finds inspiration. However, while on tour she has been spending more time in the city. This new promo makes a nice contrast to her usual wild and western countryside shots, using the city-scapes around the UK.

Videographer - Kier

Manager - Niall @ Stoked Music


Hello 2018

With the start of a brand new year I have been thinking more about inspiration, rather than a list of Do’s and Don’ts. Where do I want to go in 2018?

Instead of writing a fixed list that essentially sets me up to fail before I even begin, I wanted to follow on from my 2017 Best Nine and collect images that illustrate the things that are important to me, things that will inspire me to push myself forward throughout the next year. Inspired by the

Here are my #inspirednine for 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.14.11.png

Best Nine from 2017

Wow! What a year! It’s been full of surprises and adventures shooting with inspiring photographers such as Catherine Mead, Tigz Rice as well as organising and styling events with the fabulous Gordon Creed family.

I have been lucky enough to shoot with some of the best clients including Bucklesbury, Frankie Davies, Vienna Bakery and Vodafone. One of my 2017 favourites was Andy and Ella Chetwood's wedding. I was honoured and so touched to be welcomed so openly into their family and their special day.  I seriously can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

Here are my best nine from 2017 - happy new year everyone! 

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 11.16.48.png

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

It’s been an epic year this year, with huge ups and a few downs, some fantastic new friends, Lessons from the old ones, and a great deal of giggles along the way. Thank you to everyone for all their support and to all the fantastic clients that have made all these exciting projects happen. We are all looking forward to 2018 and all the wonderful adventures it will bring! 

Have a fantastic Christmas and a 2018 full of fun, friends and laughter.

See you on the other side!

©MBS_2025_Christmas_2017_11_16b small.jpg

Dame Helen Mirren at Madame Tussauds

During my time working in the wonderful Madame Tussauds Studios based in London, We made a fantastic wax figure of Dame Helen Mirren.

Dame Helen kindly donated the Asprey dress, which she’d worn to the ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards, for her figure to wear. Later on, in 2015, Dame Helen Mirren joined THREE wax figures of herself here at Madame Tussauds London as she viewed a special display staged in celebration of her 70th birthday.

Her's was one of the best figures I have seen created at the Acton based Studios. Here are some press clippings

Kensington Singers Christmas

Five years ago I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful conductor, Hannah Brine. She introduced me to a warm and welcoming community choir called Kensington Singers, which I am currently still a member. 

To celebrate the fantastic people that make Kensington Singers what it is today, come Christmas we work on a collection of portraits that shows how much fun and life this little community has. Our love for music has brought us all together and each year when new people join, it's nice to recognise that as a collection of photographs. 


Hip Wiggler

The 2013 Hipwigglers Single Fin Gala organised by Little Joe's Surf shop, coincided with the 50th Anniversary of the first ever-British regional surf contest. Heading back to its roots at The Watersplash, where the first contest was held in 1963

The weekend was opened with an exhibition at Le Don Hilton (otherwise known as the white house), open air films, good food, great live music throughout, enjoyed by a huge range of people from all walks of life. With the focus of the weekend being on the sport the atmosphere was fantastic with a smile on every face and the competitors gave us all some great surfing to watch.

A trip to Borough Market

As we know, I love markets, there is always so much to see and do. It’s a sensory overload with the smells, sights and sounds of all the people and shops.

On this adventure I took David, my step dad. As one of my closest friends, we share very similar interests such as sports and food, but more importantly, wine.

While mum was lunching with friends in central, I led David on a wine trail. Starting in Borough market at the mulled wine stand, working our way passed all the stalls and testing some, if not all of the produce. We wondered down to Tower Bridge, popping in to responsibly test the wine list of every bar on the way. It always reminds me of how wonderful this city is and how much life there is here.

Here are a few snaps from our adventure.

Foodie Fodder - C Brown Photography 2012.jpg

Milk Tea Live

This week I was asked by Milk Tea Live 華英音樂交流派對 to shoot some social media content to their up-coming event in London. With two of their bands being sponsored by Dr Martins we went to their extensive store in Camden to kick off the first part of the shoot.

Milk Tea Live are a trendy new start up bringing the awesome sounds of Asia and the UK together. This Saturday’s show brings us TenFiveSixty an awesome post-pop Duo from the UK, Waiting No More 觸執毛前Bass手 a Bass & Drum Instrumental combo from Hong Kong and the UK, British singer songwriter Dominic McGuinness and London DJ Mike Kimonkey. With everything from record exchanges, an awesome venue and some some fresh new sounds, this makes for one fantastic evening for any London music lover!

Here are some shots from the DM shoot, see you on Saturday!